This way we will be able to achieve more by providing our customers with the best proofreading and services possible.

English Prep - Biuro Językowe / proofreading & copy-editing:

English Prep - Biuro Językowe has been providing proofreading services since 2004, which makes it one of the longest-established proofreading services in Poland. Our range of customers includes state institutions, large corporations, university professors and researchers, students as well as private individuals. We have extensive experience in proofreading a variety of English documents, from research articles, manuscripts, masters' and bachelors' theses to catalogs and websites.

Why choose our proofreading services?

It's easy to make mistakes when writing, especially in English, and you wouldn't want those mistakes to appear in an important text you have written. Mistakes can detract the reader from the real quality of your work, and they may even suggest a lack of professionalism to your potential audience. We can find and correct all those imperfections of grammar, spelling, punctuation, register and style, and we will send back to you a polished English document that will read naturally and will leave an impression on your readers.


English Prep is all about proofreaders, thus ours must fulfill the highest professional standards. You can be assured that the proofreader assigned to your work will be an English native speaker (British or American), a highly educated language expert and usually a specialist in the chosen field.

Marta Walkowiak

Marta is the Managing Editor at English Prep and oversees the work of all the other proofreaders. She grew up in Chicago and Seattle, has dual citizenship and holds an MA Degree in English Linguistics. Marta studied translating and interpreting with some of the best European interpreters at University College Northampton in the UK. Marta has taught creative writing at ELS Language Centers in Seattle and academic writing at WSJO in Poznań. Her extensive proofreading experience includes the proofreading of articles, manuscripts, bachelors', masters' and PhD theses and many other documents, both technical and non-technical, on a wide range of subjects.