What does English Prep guarantee?

We guarantee free re-editing or a refund if your manuscript has not been accepted under the condition that you did not alter the paper after we proofread it and that it was not accepted solely because the English has to be revised. 

What do English Prep proofreaders check for when they proofread a text?

We've listed everything you need to know about how we proofread texts on our Proofreading page.

What do English Prep proofreaders not check?

Our proofreaders will mainly focus on the English language aspects of your manuscript, which means they will not format, check the References/Works Cited/Bibliography section, prepare the text according to a specific stylesheet, add or paraphrase large portions of text, or edit the text to fit a specific word count.

Our proofreaders will also not provide statements regarding the overall quality of your writing, although they will point out logical mistakes, general knowledge errors, unnecessary repetitions, awkward language, etc. in your manuscript.

Jakie teksty sprawdzamy?

Teksty specjalistyczne:
a) manuskrypty do publikacji:
academic articles


chemistry, biochemistry


social sciences

historical linguistics, linguistics


academic texts


b) prace dyplomowe:
Ph.D., doctorate
master's thesis
bachelor's thesis
Teksty ogólne i plus:
presentations, poetry, books, lyrics, screenplays, etc.